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Carpet Cleaning

Commercial flooring is a substantial investment for any business and, therefore, should be protected for years to come. The longer your carpeting lasts, the less your actual yearly cost.

When purchasing a new carpet, the initial cost for carpeting and installation is not your total investment. Other things such as removal and disposal of the old carpet, lost time from renovations, actual costs associated with moving and replacing your office furniture, plus phone and network computer lines must all be factored into the total cost of replacement.

Carpet maintenance only makes up a small portion of the total cost of ownership, but it can significantly extend the life of the carpeting.

Maintenance Helps Carpet Last Longer

Carpet Maintenance
Regularly scheduled maintenance removes soil before it can build up and damage carpet fibers, which will extend the useful life of the carpet.

Commercial Maintenance Program
Adelman can help your company with a custom maintenance program. The most important part of an overall program is preventing soil from entering your office environment.

Keep outside areas clean: Outside maintenance helps minimize the source of soil entering the building. The cleaner you keep sidewalks, parking lots and garages, the less dirt that is tracked in.
Use soil barriers: Walk-off mats and grates help collect soil before entering. Be sure soil barriers are large enough for several steps. Vacuum frequently and change mats for best results.
Protect desk areas: Chair pads under desks prevent the grinding of carpet fibers
Maintain your HVAC system: Proper HVAC maintenance decreases the circulation of airborne dirt throughout the office environment.
Specify eating, drinking and smoking areas

Large Experienced Staff
As Wisconsin's oldest and largest commercial carpet and furniture cleaner, Adelman has several key advantages over most cleaning companies. We operate the most powerful extraction units available on the market and staff highly skilled cleaning technicians. This allows Adelman to restore most carpets back to their natural color and beauty. Challenging places like manufacturing plants, foundries and restaurants are no match for the cleaning power and ability of Adelman. (References always available on request)

Adelman has the ability to bring multiple crews to your location for efficient cleaning of the largest buildings. In fact, our crews have cleaned locations with over 100,000 square feet of carpet in one afternoon. Why wait several nights or weekends for the completion of modest amounts of carpet cleaning? Adelman's efficiency can save you time and money.