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Upholstery Cleaning

Our on-location upholstery cleaning restores the beauty and extends the life of your furniture. All fabrics are tested prior to the cleaning to ensure favorable results. Adelman's technicians attend regular training sessions guaranteeing the highest standards of cleaning for even the most difficult cleaning circumstances.

Prior to cleaning, all pieces are pre-conditioned with a cleaning solution designed to remove the toughest soils while being safe for the most delicate of fabrics.

Application of a fabric protector is suggested after cleaning your fine fabrics.

Maintenance Tips

Vacuuming and Removal of Dry Soil
Vacuuming on a regular basis will help the furniture stay clean much longer and will also prevent premature wear. The main cause of wear for upholstered furniture is dry particulate soil. When the piece is used, the soil acts as sandpaper grinding the fibers. Proper maintenance including cleaning and fabric protection will extend their life.

Spot Removal
Proper maintenance of furniture includes the periodic removal of spots. Some furniture should not be spot cleaned with water based cleaning solutions. See our cleaning guide on the next page and the spot removal guide for a complete listing of removal techniques.

Recommended Furniture Cleaning Methods

Code W (Wet Cleaning) - Wet cleaning furniture is much like cleaning carpet. Hot water mixed with an emulsifier is sprayed onto the fabric and immediately extracted. Because very little water is left in the fabric, the furniture dries rapidly. This method provides the best cleaning results.

Code S (Dry Cleaning) - Most dry clean pieces are made with cotton. Consumers should not attempt to clean the furniture themselves because of possible overwetting. Adelman can safely and effectively clean these pieces.

Code W/S (Wet or Dry Cleaning) - Either dry cleaning or wet cleaning can safely be used. If the furniture is labeled W/S Adelman recommends the wet clean method for best results.

Leather Furniture - In addition to upholstery cleaning, Adelman also offers leather furniture cleaning. Our process cleans and conditions leather returning it back to its original supple condition, thereby preventing splitting and cracking.