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Spotting Guide

Solution One: 2 cups warm water, 1/2 teaspoon liquid dish detergent

Solution Two: 1/4 cup vinegar, 3/4 cup cool water

Solution Three: One tablespoon clear ammonia, 1/2 cup cool water

Solution Four: 100% mineral spirits

Spotting Procedures
1) Remove excess material.
For dry material, such as mud, remove as much solid material as possible either through vacuuming or by scrapping the affected area.On liquid spills, blot up as much liquid as possible.
2) Always blot, never scrub the spot.

Always blot to prevent damage to the fibers for both carpet and furniture. Aggressive scrubbing will cause fiber distortion.
3) Work the spot from the edges to the middle.

Apply small amounts of the mixture to the spot. Gently blot the spotusing a white cloth working from the outer edges to the middle. This will prevent the spot from spreading into the surrounding area. Keeprepeating this process until the spot has been removed or until the spotwill no longer transfer into the cloth.
4) Test the area first.

It is always a good idea to test the carpet or furniture in aninconspicuous area before spotting. Some fabric may bleed or suffercolor loss from the spotting procedures.

Spot Removal Guide

Alcohol / Beer
Blot. Solution One.

Animal Accidents
Solution Two, let completely dry. Apply Solution Three. If odor persists, call Adelman.

Baby Formula
Blot. Solution One.

Solution One. If spot remains, Solution Three.

Trim the tips of burned fibers with a scissors. If the damage is extensive, call Adelman.

Solution One. If spot remains, Solution Three.

Coffee / Tea
Solution One. If spot remains, Solution Two. See note about wicking.

See: Advance Removal Techniques

Fruit Juice / Jelly / Artificially Colored Beverages
Remove remaining material. Blot, as dry as possible. Solution One. Rinse and blot. If color remains, see advanced spot removal guide.

Furniture Polish
Solution Four.

Removing glue is completely dependant on type. Many manufacturers will give detailed removal instructions. Follow their directions carefully. If help is not available, call Adelman.

Solution One. If spot remains, Solution Two. Blot dry. Solution Three. Rinse area using Solution One. Repeat if necessary.

Vacuum Only. Call Adelman.

Remove remaining material. Rinse using cool water. Blot. Solution One.

Remove remaining material. Solution Four. Rinse using Solution One. Repeat if necessary.

Chill with an ice cube. Scrape off as much as possible. Solution Four.

Ice Cream / Milk
Flush area with warm tap water. Blot dry. Solution One.

Blot. Solution Four. If ink remains, use isopropyl alcohol. Note: isopropyl alcohol will thin the ink and may create a larger spot.

Moisten the area with a few drops of white vinegar. In a mixing glass or warm water, stir in one teaspoon of sodium thiosulfate (hypo-crystals). This can often be found in photo supply stores. Apply a teaspoon of the solution to the area. Blot. Repeat as necessary. When finished, rinse with cool water.

Mildew is very hard and often impossible to remove even with professional techniques. Call Adelman for recommendations.

Let dry. Scrape or vacuum off as much as possible. Solution One.

Nail Polish
Solution Four. If polish remains use nail polish remover (acetone). Note: nail polish remover may dissolve some fibers. Pre-test an area first.

Oil / Tar
Remove remaining material. Solution Four. Rinse using Solution One. Repeat if necessary. If spill is large, call Adelman.

Paint - Latex
Blot. Solution Four. If paint remains, use a latex remover like Goof Off or Oops. Note: carpets are constructed with latex, so follow directions carefully.

Paint - Oil
Blot. Solution Four.

Sugar / Candy
Scrape off with a dull knife. Blot with cool water. Solution One.

Tomato Sauce
Blot. Solution One. If color remains, see advanced spot removal guide.

Wax / Crayons
See advanced spot removal guide.

Blot. Solution Two. Rinse Solution One.

Blot. Pour table salt on area. When dry, vacuum. If spot remains, try Solution One & see advanced spot remove guide.

Sometimes spots may reappear after cleaning or spotting. This problem is called wicking. If this happens, simply respot the area and place a dry white cloth over the area with a weighted object like a phone book on top of the cloth. Leave the cloth in place until the area is completely dry.

Advanced Carpet Cleaning Solutions