Carpet Cleaning

Adelman uses only the most modern Prochem truck mounted carpet cleaning equipment. No heavy equipment is brought inside, only the cleaning wand and a trained professional enter your residence or place of business. Our mobile cleaning plants generate five times the extraction power of conventional portable units and other truck mounts.

Using Prochem truck mount equipment allows for deeper cleaning and faster dry times. Because of the strength of our equipment, over 95% of the water used in the cleaning will be extracted from the carpet. When finished, your carpet will be damp to the touch and should dry in only a few hours.

Adelman Cleaners provides premium cleaning for all of our customers. All carpet is preconditioned and spotted as necessary. Adelman also moves and replaces most residential furniture. And, of course, Adelman never requires trip or travel charges!

The greatest benefit Adelman offers is a superior carpet cleaning that looks great and lasts much longer than cleaning from companies using other methods and equipment.


Carpet Cleaning Procedures

Our carpet cleaning procedures are part of our standard service. They were developed to ensure a thorough cleaning of your carpet, furniture and drapes. Low price cleaners often do not include these services. If offered, they increase the low advertised prices.