Drapery Cleaning

Now you can have your drapes custom hand cleaned where they hang without disruption. On-location cleaning avoids unsightly rooms and loss of privacy because the draperies are cleaned while hanging. Their beauty and color are revived without the added time and effort of taking the draperies off their rods.


Office and Stage Drapes

Our cleaning process is designed to clean soiled drapes while still being gentle to the most delicate fabrics. In fact, when drapes are cleaned in your home there is no risk of shrinking or shredding regardless of how old or dirty.

Adelman also offers in plant cleaning for heavily soiled drapes. Our staff will pick up the drapes right from your location and deliver them after cleaning. Take down and rehanging of drapes is also available.

Fire Retarding Services

Adelman provides certification for all your fabric covered items requiring to be Flame Retarded. Our service includes treatment of stage drapes in schools, auditoriums, nursing homes and churches or other public place