Furniture Cleaning

Today's commercial furniture requires highly skilled technicians for proper cleaning. Adelman uses the most advanced techniques for safe and effective cleaning that lasts much longer than other companies cleaning methods.


Cubicle Cleaning

Upholstered Partitions/Fabric Covered Wall Dividers

Most modern offices are constructed with fabric covered wall dividers. Yet, few companies have implemented cleaning procedures necessary to maintain their appearance. Adelman specializes in partition cleaning and can restore them back to their original beauty.

Adelman can help your company design a cleaning program based on your budget. Your program may include cleaning all partitions. Or, to stretch the budget, you may chose to clean only the most visible sections including ones around the perimeter of the work stations.


Office Chairs

Proper maintenance of your office furniture will help extend its life and appearance. Adelman will develop a program for your company that is both well organized and cost effective. Adelman will pre-condition all office furniture before cleaning with a solution designed to remove difficult soiling and give the most effective cleaning results.


Banquet Chairs

Adelman has the unique ability to clean large volumes of banquet room chairs in a single cleaning. Since the chairs will dry within hours, no down time is required. Adelman can help maintain your image while keeping your event's calender on schedule. Adelman recommends the application of fabric protector after cleaning. It helps to protect your office furniture from unsightly stains and helps the fabric stay clean much longer.


Leather Executive Chairs

Cleaning your leather office furniture is necessary to prevent damage. Our process cleans and conditions leather back to its original supple condition preventing splitting and cracking.