Pre-Conditioning Procedures

Because Adelman believes in giving our customers the best cleaning possible, all carpets are pre-conditioned with a specially designed tool called a Hydro-force.


Pre-Conditioner Application

The Hydro-force is connected directly to the truck. This allows the technician to spray hot solution under pressure into the pile of the carpet and break down the toughest dirt and grease. Although some companies offer this service as part of their two-step process, at Adelman it is part of our everyday service.


Agitation of the Pre-Conditioner

Once the hot pre-conditioner has been applied, it is very important to brush the solution into the carpet pile. Greasy dirt and water do not like to mix, therefore, it is necessary to break the surface tension of the carpet. Agitation with a pile brush allows the pre-conditioner to work much more effectively.